Self Storage Facilities Security

Self Storage Units Freeburg, PA: It may not seem like much but your items are personal brilliant storage. You have to store it far away from your home for some time, and don’t want anyone to look through it or take anything they want. Asking about security is important when choosing a storage facility. Security measures can vary widely depending on owner preferences and crime rates in the area. Your choice of security is entirely up to you.

Many self-storage units have taken some measures to secure the grounds. Security measures such as fencing and cameras may be sufficient, but you may want more. What you store and your comfort level with secure storage will vary. Insurance can cover many items that can be easily replaced. Items of sentimental value and high value could require more protection. Visit the storage facilities that you might use. It is obvious that a business with holes in the fence and poor lighting, as well as dark spaces with poor lighting, is not secure. It doesn’t matter how powerful or big your individual lock is in this case. Thieves will still be able to get into your unit if they are determined.

Choose an alarm system that is monitored by security personnel on site, or by the alarm service with a connection to the local dispatch. A motion detector is a good option. Many have motion detectors which detect an open unit and alert security when left open. It is important to consider visitor access. Renters can be prevented from wandering into the grounds to look around. Renters will benefit from an access gate with a code for access and a sign-in/sign-out system. For newer units, you may need to swipe a card at the gate in order to enter. Finding a facility which also has emergency access is a great idea in case of smoke or fire. As smoking is a known cause of fire, it should be prohibited on the property. All facilities should include smoke and fire alarms.