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Wildtrack Sound Library 2017
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Retro Vacuum

Specs: 125 files 161+ sounds – 24 bit / 94 kHz Includes Metadata

Size: 1.34 GB

20,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Badlands Sounds



Category: Drones & Moods

Type: Drone sound effects / recordings

Specs: 15 files  15+ sounds – 96k / 24 bit 1.04 GB

Duration: 30 Minutes



Title: Backyard

Quality: 96k/24bit

Files: 30 files, 30+ Sounds

15,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Badlands Sounds

Future Room Tones

Badlands Sound went to the future to recorded 42 room tones of various spaces like computer rooms, engine rooms, bathroom, and much more all in 24bit / 96k. We also recorded electrical buzzes and distorted sci-fi winds. ​



30,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Badlands Sounds


Car Horns

Looking for car horn sound effects? This library delivers more than 230 sounds in 80 files. It features recordings such as short, medium and long car horn sounds from both exterior and interior perspectives – and includes recordings from cars such as a Jeep Wrangler (2016 and 2004), Honda Pilot (2008), Ford F150 (2016), Volkswagen Beetle (2002), Mercedes-Benz E350 (2010), Corvette Stingray (2015), and a Chevy Silverado (2016).



14,15€ 9,43€ inc. VAT Sold By Badlands Sounds



Clocks is a small unique sound library – not recorded from traditional clocks but of edited sounds that tick tock. These recordings come from items such as a tape measure, door locking, screwdriver, and much more.



6,61€ 4,72€ inc. VAT Sold By Badlands Sounds


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