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Wildtrack Sound Library 2017
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Essential Sound – Italian Cityscapes and Ambience

Type: Italian sound effects / recordings
Specs: 60 files • 60+ sounds • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 3.9 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 225 minutes total

Town Winds

Locations captured:

Empty streets, parking lots, railway stations, school, rural street, marina, harbor, lighthouse, athletics field, backyard, town square

Number of Files: 34 / 180 min (click here to see the full file list)
Size Unpacked: 6,23 GB
Sample Rate: 24 Bit / 96 kHz
Gear Used: Shoeps MK4/MK8 MS • Sound Devices 702
Other Info: Includes metadata

27,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Tone Glow Libraries



Small Description: The Park features 50 pristine ambisonic recordings of recreational parks in Southern California.
Author: VSCRL FX
Format: AmbiX, FuMa, Stereo, 5.1, 7.1
Number of files: 59 files
Quality: 96Khz 24bit
Total Size: 60.2 GB uncompressed


120,00€ inc. VAT Sold By vscrlfx.com


Fantasy World

Now you can create the perfect mood and sound environment for your fantasy, adventure, 2D, 3D, mobile app games and motion graphics, film and audio productions. With Fantasy World you get 52 royalty-free Ambience loops with full and 49 minimal versions and 10 Extra Non-Melodic Loops for a total of 111 dynamic loop-able audio assets. Inspired by massive hit games like World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls, Fantasy World is an all original royalty free ambience loop library designed to help you create stunning and immersive audio environments quickly. With over 2 hours of popular location sound loops, you’ll be well equipped with background sound effects and scene setting ambient tones that bring your Fantasy World to life.

55,28€ inc. VAT Sold By Epic Stock Media



“Thunder & Rain” is a sound library compiling the recordings of two storm.

with a total of 46 audio files in each of these three folders : STEREO / MS / UPMIX 5.1  !

40 audio files in : AS REC MS (NO De-Noise) folder.

I apply a De-noise on most of them, to only preserve thunder FX, but you have the NO De-Noise folder includ too.

Obtain best results in addition with Winds/Storm/Rain file (in preview i used the Rain file in addition to thunder files). Create your own Thunder ambient !

You can Download Free other sounds on my website here :


Pro Sound Collection

Pro Sound Collection contains over 4800 professionally designed royalty-free sound effects.

Rain in the City

Number of Files: 70
Length: 3 hours 10 minutes+
Size Unpacked: 12.2 Gb
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Neumann 185 MT stereo matched microphone pair with Sound Devices 702 recorder

44,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Phonophilist


Boom Library – TOONS
Format: BWF WAV

Number of files: 500 files
Quality: 96Khz /24bit
Total Size: 8 Gb

199,00€ inc. VAT Sold By BOOM Library


The Zinc Mines


“The Zinc Mines” is a collection of high quality ambient and close up recordings from within the various levels, drifts, shafts and caverns of the underground Zinc Mines located in Grue, Norway.

Specifically these recordings were done in the mines called “Nysetergruvene”. The atmosphere inside the mountain mine is cold and wet, with water dripping between levels, trickling down shafts and dripping in large pools.

The recordings vary from extremely quiet and sparse dripping to gushing intense waterfalls with varying distance to source.

20,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Sounds of Norway



Many years of trekking in the Dovre mountains (Dovrefjell) at heights from 900 to 1200 masl. and temperatures reaching down to -20°C, has led to many unique recordings.

My main goal when on Dovrefjell was to capture the “sound” of the harsh climate that dominates up there. Subsequently it was hard to avoid the ever restless wind. But it can be quite tricky to capture the sound of wind (or rather the sound of wind on or through objects) and there are only some “sweet spots”, in this vast high altitude climate scattered with rocks and tiny trees, that will generate a good recording.

These recordings were done crouching behind rocks, on cliff sides, on top of summits, behind weathered shelters, old mountain farms and bushes. Partially freezing my hands of, operating recording equipment.

The recordings vary from strong gale winds, via resonating
crevasses, to soft fluttering winds.

37,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Sounds of Norway


Urban Winds

Author: Hzandbits Sound Effects
Format: WAV
Number of files: 38 files
Quality: 96Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 1.3 Gb

26,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Hzandbits Sound Effects


Author: noisecreations
Format: BWF WAV
Number of files: 983 files
Quality: 96 kHz / 24 bit
Total Size: 1.75 Gb


Number of files: 17
Quality: 96 kHz / 24 bit
Duration: 41+ minutes
Size: 1.3 Gb unpacked

16,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Mononeshot



Author: noisecreations
Format: BWF WAV
Number of files: 160 files
Quality: 96 kHz / 24 bit
Total Size: 7 Gb

Epic Nature Loops

Curated by Epic Stock Media audio engineers, this natural selection of seamless loops is a subset of our Organic Nature sound library. Particularly suited for games, multi-layer environments and backgrounds, the Epic Sounds and FX Epic Nature Loops sound FX collection includes traditional and alternative points of view on the sounds of wind, water, rain, thunder and fire. The collection is a fantastic complement to any sound designer needing to recreate organic environments or soundscapes and even includes all natural freezing rain sounds. You probably haven’t seen that available anywhere else!

The awesome power of nature is in your mix and you’ll be in total control with these beautifully captured sounds. You might even think you’re godlike (Yikes!). Don’t let all this sonic power go to your head though. Instead, just sit back, mix it and mash it and you’ll be impressed with the epic auditory experiences you can create with the Epic Nature Loops – ambient nature sound loop library.

SSL03 Rain Thunder & Storm

Small Description: Storm, lighting and Thunders.
Author: Alvaro de Iscar
Format: Wav St
Number of files: 30 files
Quality: 48Khz 24bit
Total Size: 1 Gb

15,00€ inc. VAT Sold By SURROUND SOUND LAB

Boom Library – FOOTSTEPS
Format: BWF WAV

Number of files: 10 files
Quality: 48Khz /24bit
Total Size: 4 Gb

199,00€ inc. VAT Sold By BOOM Library


Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements


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Our largest most complete collection of compelling audio content. Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements is the mega value compilation of all the awesome Epic Sounds and FX Sound Library Collections: Cybernetic Weapons, Bloodlust, Hybrid Game, Advanced UI, Sci-fi Evolution, Bane Cinematics, Digital Elements, Household Source, Modulated Movement, Organic Nature, Epic Nature Loops and Advanced Game Sounds. More than 15 hours of awe inspiring sound, bundled together in an unrivaled, big time value pack!

GET Bloodlust FREE with Purchase of Epic Arsenal! 

GET Cybernetic Weapons FREE with Purchase of Epic Arsenal!

With more than 16,400+ files, 17+ GB of samples, 12 libraries, 16+ hours of sound, Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements is a leet cache of sonic power and creative inspiration. As the backbone of your SFX storehouse or the perfect complement to any producer’s sound library or engineer’s custom collection, Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements is our most outstanding value and best choice for sound designers and audio creatives at any level. 

Order Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements now, and create some amazing sounds before day’s end!

Tip: Remember you can hear more sounds included with Epic Arsenal by listening to all the other ESFX Sound Pack demos since those libraries are included in the Epic Arsenal – Essential Elements complete library.

Download Detailed List Of Content

  • 16,400+ Files, 17+ GB of Samples
  • 16+ Hours of Audio
  • Includes 11 Sound libraries
  • Designed and Raw Source Recordings
  • All files in .WAV format, 44,100, 16 Bit
  • Hybrid Game, Bloodlust, Cybernetic Weapons in .WAV format -96K/ 24 Bit
  • Synthesized and Organic Sounds
  • Textures, Layers, Drones, Particles
  • Alerts, Notifications, User Interface Sounds
  • Nature Elements – Wind, Water, Fire, Winter
  • Foley, Household, Kitchen, Bathroom, Domestic
  • Positive, Negative, Wins and Game Overs
  • Sci-fi, Mechanical, Hi-tech, Digital and Robotics
  • Transitions, Whooshes, Movements
  • Items, Hits, Coins, Blings, Achievements
  • Tools, Gadgets, Remote Control Cars
  • Food, Eating, Liquids, Pouring
  • Metal, Wood, Stone, Paper
  • Blood, Gore, Spills, Squirts, Slashes and Impacts
  • Cinematic Impacts, Risers, Hits, Whoosh & Flybys
  • Cinematic Room Tones, Ambiences
  • Specials, Cybernetics, Holographic elements
  • Complex Computer Processors, Chirps
  • Simple, Moderate, and Complex sounds
  • Loop-able Loading Screens, Machinery, Computers
  • Loop-able Tones, and Background Noises
  • Whips, Slides, Swings and Swishes
  • Footsteps on Gravel, Wood Floor, Snow
  • Cars, Jets, Engines, Hums
  • Retro, Casino, and Arcade
  • Buttons, Taps, Selects, Clicks
  • & Much More!




Organic Nature

Here’s an ultra flexible and practical collection of ambient nature sounds that perform in the clutch when you need to call on the sounds of Mother Nature. Face it you can go on out and get wet, frozen, sunburned, soaked and sweaty and keep on delaying your production by trying to capture some of these sounds yourself. With the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature ambient sound library you don’t even need to pack your umbrella. Just camp in your studio in the comfort of your own mixing desk and let mother nature speak in the form of more than 160 awesome ambient nature sounds.

This ensemble of pure source, raw and lightly edited field recordings works beautifully when set as the centerpiece of your ambient soundscapes. Just sweeten with your own elements and locale and create authentic environmental conditions that set the tone for great media experiences. The Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound library includes premium quality audio assets and over 3 full hours of sound covering; beaches, birds, fire, forests, freezing rain, ocean, rain, summer nights, thunderstorms, winter, woodlands, and a morning snow shower as well.

Forget about messing with your umbrella and suntan lotion,let the Epic Sounds and FX Organic Nature sound effects library bring Mother Nature into your next game or media production. Includes the entire Epic Nature Loops collection too.

29,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Epic Stock Media

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Author: CODA
Format: WAV 5.1
Number of files: +2400 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: +270 Gb

CODA 16 Weather

Author: CODA
Format: WAV 5.1
Number of files: +50 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 9 Gb

99,00€ inc. VAT Sold By CODA

CODA 04 Silos Monastery

Author: CODA
Format: WAV 5.1
Number of files: 15 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 5,5 Gb

99,00€ inc. VAT Sold By CODA

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Nature’s Fury: Rain, Wind, Thunder

Author: Soundopolis
Format: WAV
Number of files: 197 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 4,82Gb

135,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Soundopolis


Nature’s Fury: Thunder

Author: Soundopolis
Format: WAV
Number of files: 142 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 2GB zipped

100,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Soundopolis


Nature’s Fury: Wind

Author: Soundopolis
Format: WAV
Number of files: 18 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 774.86 MB zipped

15,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Soundopolis


Nature’s Fury: Rain

Author: Soundopolis
Format: WAV
Number of files: 34 files
Quality: 48Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 1,51 GB zipped

25,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Soundopolis



Author: SFX Source

Number of files: 64
Quality: 44Khz /16bit
Total Size: 0,5Gb

14,00€ inc. VAT Sold By SFXsource


Ambience and Weather – Part 01

Ambience and Weather – Preview

Author: Mechanical Wave
Format: WAV
Number of files: 28 files
Quality: 96Khz / 24 bit
Total Size: 1,2 Gb

26,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Mechanical Wave



This collection contains recordings of stream, river and small waterfall sounds, with close and distant perspectives of slow and turbulent flows. More than 80 minutes of high quality (24bit/96kHz) material recorded at various locations and delivered in an easily downloadable .zip file.

Each recording is between 0:30 and 5:30 long and intended to serve those who want to build calm or dynamic soundscapes which show variations on several time scales.

20,00€ 16,00€ inc. VAT Sold By Sound EX Machina


365 Various Sound FX

Small Description: I recorded 365 Sounds in one year as a free sound project. Here you´ll get all sfx packed in one big package. You´ll get all kind of sfx, ambiances, folies, music loops, stingers, audio logos, impacts, shots, hits, swishes, swooshes, shots, breaks, debris ….. and a lot other strange tunes for your next media projects.
Author: The Soundcatcher
Format: BWF WAV
Number of files: 365 files
Quality: 44.1Khz /16bit
Total Size: 2,3 Gb

SILENTSCAPES: Roomtones – Ambiences – Backgrounds

Small Description: SILENTSCAPES is a collection of 36 high quality recorded and fully mastered romtoones, ambiences and background sounds.

Author: Giorgio Riolo
Format: Stereo
Number of files: 36 files
Quality: 48Khz 24bit
Total Size: 1,07 Gb

Mobile version: Enabled