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Tips on Maintaining Your Ukulele

The ukulele, although not a new instrument, has started to gain a large popularity. Why not, it is compact, portable, and just so fun to play. Fun, yes, but the Ukulele should be taken care of. Maintaining a ukulele may sound like a chore, but it really is pretty simple.

Hang it up.

Unlike a guitar, a ukulele is a lot smaller and shouldn’t just be set down. If you tend to set the ukulele down you might end up bending the neck. A great way to avoid this would be to find yourself a wall hanger. Maintenance that costs just a couple of dollars? Why, not? With just a few screws, you can keep your ukulele off the ground and away from danger. The best part is that you can put this hanger at eye level to remind you to play every day. If you don’t want to spend money, then if you do set the ukulele on the ground remember to have the string side facing where you are rest it against.

Tuning your Ukelele

Turners are a staple for anyone that want to play music. A tuner works by listening to the string that is being plucked and determines what note is being rung out. Without tuning you can learn any song you want, but you’ll find out that the song just doesn’t sound the same. With so many tuners out there it can be hard to figure out a way to go, but let me tell you it isn’t as hard as it seems. Apps are a good way to get the feel of a tuner. With a number of them out there, it is simple trial and error to find one you like. Although app based tuners are good, one shouldn’t shy away from a hand held tuner. They really are the best ukulele tuners. This being said, some of the best tuners are hand ones that can be clipped to the head of your ukulele. This way you can get the strongest and cleanest sound to give you the tuning you are looking for.


One of the most important pieces of the ukulele is the strings. The strings are how you get your sound and should be kept it good shape. You should always keep your ukulele in a cool, dry place. If not you will find that your strings are starting to wear out. One of the things you might start to see in your strings would be little cracks in them. This is especially true when it comes to the plastic strings. Of course, this will cause them to break sooner rather than later. Restringing is an important component in maintaining your ukulele. Remember it is really important to check on the tuning of the strings, since after the restringing process strings tend to want to recoil to their natural shape. With a different kinds out there it will take some time to find ones that you like.

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